is a software verification tool

designed to automate structural coverage

and facilitate coverage analysis

in safety-critical embedded applications


CertiCover© is designed with avionics software certification in mind – it is inherently compliant with code coverage criteria advocated in the DO-178C for any software level: A, B, or C.

Aerospace pedigree of the tool implies it is equally suitable for verification of any embedded software in automotive, medical, energy, transportation and other safety-critical applications.

CertiCover© is created by software test engineers for software test engineers. It has everything you would expect from such a tool – and, we dare to say, even more than that.


Easy setup and integration
Pretty straightforward configuration options. Seamless integration with your compile and build processes and test environment
Source code coverage
Source code in C/C++03 with x86 inline assembly. Instrumentation to DO-178C Level A, B, or C (MC/DC, decision, or statement coverage)
Control coupling coverage
Function calls tracked to meet DO-178C Control Coupling objectives
Diverse environments
Major operating systems, processors, and compilers supported out of the box; the list is expanding. More environments on request
Optimized execution time
Instrumented code optimized for execution time. Memory footprint also considered
User-friendly reports
Navigable HTML coverage report on file or function level with extensive statistics. Plain text also supported
Coverage monitoring
Coverage status monitor for real-time coverage collection progress tracking
... more under way (in work)
Simultaneous coverage collection for several processes, automated generation of SCA template from coverage report...


What the Tool Can Do

CertiCover© was concieved as an avionics software verification tool hence DO-178C code coverage criteria are in its blood.

Here is what the tool can do for you:

  • Collect structural coverage data (statement, decision, or MC/DC criteria)
    • Get your C or C++ source code instrumented to DO-178C Level A, B, or C
    • Use your compile and build processes to produce instrumented binary code
    • Capture coverage data while running the instrumented binary code on target/host
    • Generate readable coverage report from the captured raw coverage data
  • Collect control coupling coverage

  • Facilitate structural coverage analysis (SCA) with everything needed to identify and classify coverage gaps

  • Prepare your SCA results for the certification audit

Tool Qualification

We provide comprehensive Qualification package fully compliant with DO-330 so that you could perform tool qualification by yourselves. If you want to qualify the tool in house, we will provide you with tool development process documents and artifacts including:

  • Tool Operational Requirements
  • Qualification Test Suite
  • Tool Qualification Plan
  • Tool Accomplishment Summary template

Alternatively, you may choose to save your precious time and let us do it for you. In this case we will:

  • Propose relevant updates to your process documents
  • Run the Qualification test suite in your environment
  • Discuss the results to be presented at the certification audit


Single user floating license
  • Valid perpertually; one-time payment
  • Install on as many workstations as you like
  • Run from only one workstation at a time
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Licensing for multiple users
  • Volume discounts start with 5+ users
  • Advice on how many licenses you may need
  • Perfectly suitable for a distributed team
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Tool Qualification Package
  • Comprehensive documents
  • Qualification test suite
  • Full compliance with DO-330
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Tool Qualification Services
  • Update software plans
  • Run the Qualification test suite
  • Assist with certification audit
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Why Us

Reinventing the wheel doesn't sound very promising as such. But what if the challenge is taken up by a team of cyclists completed their ride around the globe? Does that make a difference?

We have been doing embedded software verification for 20+ years. We have successfully completed more than 150 projects where structural coverage collection and analysis was indispensable. We have extensively used several most popular structural coverage tools on the market.

The problems and risks that could be encountered during structural coverage collection and analysis are very well understood by our team: we have faced them and learned to cope with them many times. Our job – just like yours – is to get the software properly tested, so we created the tool making this job even more productive and enjoyable.

With CertiCover©, we’ve got you covered.

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